Trophy Sturgeon Fishing

Trophy Sturgeon fishing is popular on the Columbia River. Oversize Sturgeon are released but the fight is fun and the Columbia River is the place to catch large Sturgeon is you "know how to catch trophy Sturgeon".

White Sturgeon Facts

Sturgeon in the Columbia River can live to be over 100 years old. Sturgeon downstream of Bonneville Dam grow about three inches a year. Male sturgeon mature at around 4 feet or 13 to 14 years of age and female sturgeon mature at around 6 feet or 24 to 26 years of age. Sturgeon spawn in the late spring when water velocities historically peaked and temperatures reached 46 to 50 degrees. The eggs take about two weeks to hatch and the larva are disbursed downstream by the strong flow. Sturgeon have been tagged during research since the mid 1960s. Since 1982, a large scale tagging program has taken place in the lower Columbia downstream of Bonneville Dam. This has allowed researchers to determine abundance, harvest rates, and migration patterns. Sturgeon tagged in the Columbia River have been recovered as far north as the Fraser River in

thanks to trophy Sturgeon fishing guide Charlie Foster of NW Sturgeon Adventures for the photo above.
     Canada and as far south as the Sacramento River in California. This tagging program was recently expanded to Washington and Oregon coastal areas. The future of this resource is in your hands. Please remember to handle any released oversize or sublegal sturgeon with care. It is especially important to keep all oversize fish in the water to prevent internal injuries.

The Columbia River for Trophy Sturgeon Fishing

The area affected by the statesí action extends from the mouth of the Columbia upriver to the Wauna powerlines near Cathlamet. As of July 11, when the initial 11-day extension ended, anglers had taken only about 3,900 sturgeon from that area.
As during the regular season, the daily catch limit is one white sturgeon, with a fork-length measurement of 41 inches to 54 inches. All green sturgeon must be released.

trophy sturgeon fishing guides

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Sturgeon fishing guides fish the Columbia River where Trophy Sturgeon fishing in Oregon at Bonneville dam is very popular. Many local area fishing charters offer half day trips and gift certificates for Sturgeon fishing trips. If you want to learn the most popular Trophy Sturgeon fishing tips you should contact a knowledgeable Oregon trophy Sturgeon fishing guides service and learn how to catch Trophy Sturgeon.
trophy Sturgeon caught near Bonneville dam on the Columbia River

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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
April 29, 2010
Release sport-caught sturgeon between
The Dalles Dam and John Day Dam
Action: The sport fishery for white sturgeon between The Dalles Dam and John Day Dam on the Columbia River will close to retention.
Effective date: 12:01 a.m. May 6 through Dec. 31, 2010.
Species affected: White sturgeon
Location: The Columbia River and tributaries from The Dalles Dam upstream to John Day Dam.
Reason for action: The closure date for retention of sturgeon was adopted because Washington and Oregon fish managers estimate that the harvest guideline of 300 fish will be reached on May 6, 2010.
Other information: Catch and release of sturgeon will still be allowed between Bonneville and McNary dams except that the sturgeon spawning sanctuaries from the Rufus grain elevator upstream to John Day Dam in The Dalles Pool and from the Highway 395/I-82 Bridge upstream to McNary Dam in John Day Pool will be closed to all sturgeon angling May 1 through July 31.

Anglers get another 18 days to catch

sturgeon in Columbia River estuary
This yearís recreational fishery for white sturgeon in the Columbia River estuary has been extended for the second time, giving anglers 18 more days of fishing.
After closing July 11 at the end of the first extension, the fishery will reopen from July 15 through Aug. 1 under a new agreement reached by fishery managers from Washington and Oregon.
That extension, like the first one, is based on data that show this yearís catch is still well below this yearís 9,600-fish harvest guideline.
"Both the catch and the number of anglers fishing the estuary have fallen short of expectations this the season," said Brad James, a fish biologist for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).

"As a result, we feel we can safety extend the season for a second time, while holding the total harvest within the annual quota."


Oversize Sturgeon Fishing by Jon Ball

     Trophy sturgeon fishing, or oversize sturgeon fishing as it is called here, is as exciting as anything you will ever fish for. Our world-famous trips here in the Columbia River Gorge, just minutes from Portland Oregon, offers you the fish of a lifetime - the largest white sturgeon population in the world. You will see sturgeon after sturgeon that will average 200-400 lbs. and they can get up to over 1000 lbs. It is not for the faint of heart. A guided trip with us will certainly get your heart pounding and your adrenalin pumping. While doing seminars and shows, I invite people to come and dance with a sturgeon. When hooked up, they will bolt straight out of the water and dance on their tail then dive to the bottom faster then we can say "Fish On."

trophy Sturgeon fishing guides in Oregon
     The peak time to fish for these giant sturgeon are from mid May through the summer. At this time, the oversize sturgeon are coming up from the ocean and show up below Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River, eating shad as they are heading up to spawn. So, we often do shad fishing in the morning for bait, then go after trophy sturgeon by mid morning, using a 3-pound bait. It's the way to spend a day here in Oregon.

Before one of the TV shows we did, the host told me that he was not really looking forward to fishing for these trophy sturgeon. He had fished all over the world and he was sure that these sturgeon were just going to be a lazy lethargic fish. But he told me how impressed he was with their fight. He told me that these trophy sturgeon were one of the best-kept secrets in the fishing world.

In May the trophy sturgeon come up out of the salt water and are heading up to the gravel bars below Bonneville Dam here on the Columbia River to spawn. So from May 1st to August 1, we have a sturgeon sanctuary that is closed so that the sturgeon can spawn without being harassed. So since these fish have not been messed with for 3 months, you can bet that I'm up there in early August chasing fish. We continue to fish trophy sturgeon through August and September. We cannot retain sturgeon until October 1st but it is sure fun getting a lot of bent rods. And you donít want to miss that October opening for keeper sturgeon either. It is like the opening of the sanctuary - these fish have not been touched for a few months and there will be a lot of keepers to be caught.
Read the rest of this story by popular Northwest fishing guide, John Ball at his Sturgeon Salmon website.

trophy sturgeon fishing guides

Jordan Smith of Bent Rods Fishing is who you want in the boat with you when it comes time to haul in your sturgeon. Jordan Smith knows everything there is to know about sturgeon. Fishing isn't just a business to him, it is his life. Plan your next angling excursion with Bent Rods Fishing and you'll head home with some trophy catches!

Sturgeon are the largest game fish in North America. Sturgeon come in various sizes, with the largest being upwards of 12-15 feet in length. Sturgeon are divided into three classes: shakers, keepers, and peelers--also known as trophy sturgeon. Shakers are under 42". You know you have a shaker on the line because your line will shake vigorously. It is great fun to have a spirited shaker on your line and reel in this energetic acrobat. Per fishing regulations, shakers must be returned to the water. Keepers are between 42" and 5 feet in length. The keepers will slowly shake your line, then take a quick run. These make for an interesting fight, and they are delicious eating.

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A trophy sturgeon, or peeler, is the Goliath of sturgeon. They will usually jump at least once, and it might take the effort of you and Jordan to haul one of these giants in. Peelers of 1000+ pounds have been reported. For reservations, please call us at 360-910-214.
Jordan fishes out of Hood River, Oregon, among other choice spots he's come to know about over the years. To get to Hood River from Portland, take 84 East and drive for 61 miles. Then take Exit 64 into Hood River. The boat launch is just under the Hood River Bridge.

February 22, 2008
Recreational smelt and sturgeon
fishing to close on Tuesdays
Action: Closes Columbia River sturgeon and smelt recreational fisheries on Tuesdays from the Hayden Island west powerlines upstream to Bonneville Dam. This action effectively closes this area to recreational fishing of all species.
Effective dates: Begins the week of March 24 and runs through April 30, 2008.
Species affected: Sturgeon and smelt.
Location and time: The area from the Hayden Island west powerlines upstream to Bonneville Dam will be closed to all recreational fishing on Tuesdays (from one hour after official sunset on Mondays through one hour before official sunrise on Wednesdays).
Reason for action: Washington and Oregon have adopted these regulations in an effort to minimize commercial/recreational interactions due to the reduced fishing area and limited boat ramp access.

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